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Understanding the Importance of Typography in Web Design

There are many things to pay attention to when designing a website – the concerns begin with, but aren’t limited to, color scheme, pictures, navigation, and more. However, one of the most important aspects in web design that is often overlooked is typography.

What is Typography?

Typography basically refers to the fonts that are used in a website (or a book, a poster, or anything that has type).

Most people don’t even give a second thought to whether a website uses Garamond or Times New Roman, but the use of fonts can really influence the way a user interfaces with your content.

Want to make sure that your content is presented as perfectly as your navigation system? Read on for some tips on how to best use typography to blow your site visitors away.

  • Size matters. Without resorting to dirty jokes, size really does matter on the internet when it comes to typography. The biggest mistake made here is making font too small. It’s a good idea to go for a font size of at least 14pt for maximum readability.
  • Pay attention to serifs. Fonts like Times New Roman are called “serif” fonts since the ends of the letters have little hooks. Fonts like Helvetica are “sans-serif” because they are missing these hooks. (Compare the letter F in Times New Roman and Helvetica to have a better visual representation.) Generally speaking, sans-serif fonts are better for displaying content since they are easier to read on the internet. Serif fonts are best for decorative touches.
  • Don’t vary fonts too much. While it’s good to have at least two different fonts in your website for contrast, don’t go crazy. It’s generally good to have between 2-3 different fonts, but not more.
  • Contrast matters. If you have a theme that mostly uses dark colors, make sure to go for light colors with your type. It might sound obvious, but you need to ensure that there’s enough contrast to ensure optimal readability.

Some experts say that typography is over 90% of a website’s design. Let’s face it – the point of a website is to get the visitor to read and engage with your content. Make sure that you pay typography the attention that it deserves.

How do you use typography in your website designs?

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