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Virtual Business: In-sourcing:

In-Sourcing grants your managers the opportunity to direct a greater number of qualified staff.

Web Gen World ascribes to the In-Sourcing (as opposed to Outsourcing) method of staffing. Insourcing allows you to acquire a team of staff members who are located overseas but who are managed by and work directly with your company. When you insource, you hire someone to work within your team and within your processes, procedures, business, and culture without that person ever actually stepping foot in your office. Instead, your new staff member is based overseas in a Virtual or Outsourced office.

Insourcing allows a company to add staff at a cost-effective price. It frees up valuable resources so the company can focus on its core business. As opposed to true outsourcing, which hires job and piece-meal independent contractors, insourcing provides a company with a dedicated team of staff matched for the company’s exact needs. Because an insourced staff member is directed and trained by the company, insourcing encourages the propagation and dissemination of the company’s culture and goals so the team –comprised of both US-based and foreign-based staff—are as united and integrated as is the final work product.

The most important benefit of insourcing is that it grants seasoned managers the opportunity to direct a greater number of qualified staff thus greatly increasing quality work output.

Virtual Business: In-Sourcing Process:

Web Gen World’s Exclusive Processes make augmenting your team a breeze

Signing a contract with Web Gen World is like setting off a cascade of carefully placed dominoes.

First Web Gen World’s On-Boarding Process kicks in. This comprehensive procedure includes gathering complete information on the positions needed, hiring for those positions, preparing a work environment for those staff members, and ensuring that the new staff members are properly trained and performing as directed. Thus Web Gen World’s on-boarding process ensures that all new positions are filled in a timely manner with qualified staff members who have everything they need to get right to work.

Key to the on-boarding process is the Client Initiation Process, which coordinates the sales department, account manager, HR recruiter, on-boarding project manager, IT manager, HR manger, and client operations manager to ensure that everyone is on the same page for each specific staff member request.

But before the Client Initiation Process even begins, Web Gen World performs an assessment of needs, writes a Proposal/Contract, and finalizes a Statement of Work that describes your specific needs and how Web Gen World will meet them.

Perhaps the most important part of the On-Boarding Process is Web Gen World’s recruitment and hiring process. This finely tuned method for recruiting and hiring the most talented staff members includes sourcing, screening, and job offering to ensure a quality accumulation of candidates with the necessary skills and attributes that meet your specified needs. Web Gen World then kicks in the staff member retention program to significantly lower turnover rates and reduce downtime.

These are just a sampling of the many process that Web Gen World uses to ensure that your expectations are met and exceeded.

Virtual Business: In-Sourcing Benefits:

The benefits of using Web Gen World to augment your current workforce hit the bottom line.Web Gen World provides numerous benefits to companies at almost every level of production. Working with Web Gen World means you manage and directly control your offshore team while Web Gen World recruits, hires, monitors, motivates, and provides all the tools, technology, and equipment necessary for your team.Some of the most important benefits include:
Cost Savings — considering the hourly wage, associated taxes, HR costs, and facility costs of each and every employee, hiring with Web Gen World saves significant bottom line expenses.

Increased Productivity 
— most companies can essentially add two staff members for the price of one thus doubling the output of productivity which leads to faster project completion and deeper margins.
Access to Talent — technical talent is becoming increasingly difficult to attract and retain. Web Gen World provides access to a large pool of highly educated, very motivated, and extraordinarily talented potential staff members.

Scalability — Web Gen World already has office space, internet and phone access, and HR infrastructure so you can start small and add to your team seamlessly.

24/7 Work Cycle—the time difference between the US and the India allows for a round the clock work day.